Black and White - Mel Myers Photography
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Giants of Rialto Beach

This is Rialto Beach in Washington State, USA. Located in the Olympic National Park near the town of La Push and Forks. This place is the most amazing stretch of beach I have ever experienced. On this day, my wife and I hurried out of Seattle early in the morning to get to Rialto beach right before low tide... or so we thought. Turns out the tide table I had found online was from 2014. While shooting from this spot we noticed that the surf seemed to be getting higher and we decided to head back down the beach instead of getting stuck by the waves.

Even though I was hoping for a glorious and colorful sunset, I was quite pleased to be greeted by lots of fog, lots of wave action, and lots of marine layer mist. In the distance you can see the famous hole in the wall passage.

For this shot I believe I used my 6 stop ND and CPL.

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