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Mel's images are captured and processed with utmost care with the intent to make very large high quality fine art prints for display in your home or business. Prints can be purchased up to 60" in width or height from the online store. Your orders will be meticulously printed at the nation's premier photo lab, Bay Photo in California.  Inquiries are welcome for your special printing or licensing needs.


Mel currently resides near Greenville, South Carolina with his wife and three children. Ever since Mel took his first exposures with a pinhole camera made out of a shoebox and developed the black and white sheet film in the darkroom, he has been enamored with the idea of capturing the world in a static medium. Growing up in Texas and Georgia he spent his youth exploring the outdoors and experienced nature on his family's frequent camping trips. A native of Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia he obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1998. After graduation Mel went to work as a mechanical engineer in the defense industry in Virginia. During this time he continued up his love of photography with his Pentax film SLR and 50mm lens. He later upgraded to a Canon EOS SLR film camera for photographing daily life and various family trips. After his daughter Janie was born, he bought his first digital camera with the intention to capture daily life of the growing family. After a while, his combined interest in the outdoors and photography led him to start taking landscape photos during family vacations. His interest in more serious landscape photography was heightened after joining the Spartanburg Photography Guild and going on several photography outings. Mel currently shoots with a FujiFilm X-T3.

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